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NN.Lakshmanan commonly known as "LENA", who is an origin of Kallal, Tamilnadu. Started NNL travels in 1960's with just one bus having its route from Kallal to Madurai. Followed by which NNL Travels bought permits for the following routes of Karaikudi to Embal / Devakotai to Madurai & Vice versa / Thirupathur to Tirchy & Vice versa and finally Karaikudi to Trichy.

NNL travels also explored its industry and expanded its business in the local routes of Karaikudi to Natham / Karaikudi to SR.Pattinam and Karaikudi to Thondi, which is now being succeeded by his 4 sons namely, NNL.Pandiyan, NNL.Vairavan, NNL. Saravanan & NNL.Nachiappan.

After 26 years, NNL.Vairavan planned to take an extra step and enter the omni bus industry. Being a sole-winner in route bus industry, NNL.Vairavan had the courage to enter again into omni bus industry with the help of his son's knowledge and with their extended support.


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